Project: zoals zoek een Vrouw die Seks


International artist residencies can offer safe spaces for hospitality, generosity and sharing considerably than ever-increasing competition for survival.

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Dat had verregaande gevolgen voor veel praktijken, inclusief de kunsten. Vele 'conceptuele' kunstpraktijken vertrekken vanuit een reeks instructies. The landscape is vast, and the mobility of the women is limited, accordingly we also organized minibuses to pick them up every morning and abide them to a place where they could get to know each erstwhile and learn to work together. Is travel still significant, and if accordingly, why? The data mainly relates en route for artists from the genres of pop and rock. For what reasons, as a result of what means, with what cost? It is also becoming more difficult en route for explain to public authorities and erstwhile stakeholders why investing in the internationalisation of the arts is so central.

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Stem- en Tekst Vertaling

The Netherlands used to be the central foreign country and was in a sense a prolongation of the Flemish circuit. We were extremely interested all the rage the way the women behaved after that the ancestral, gestural character of their gorgeous pottery culture. So what aim did you develop out of proefschrift local conversations? But that is not art. Towards a European commons We all know that nowadays Europe finds itself in deep water. Our work starts out from the encounters, after that within them, we experiment and concoct, but we have no words en route for place above them. This was not our mission.

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Wie zijn wij

We took them out of their theatres and galleries. It was too big a burden for us to allow to choose between artists to whom we were so close! It wasgoed also a gift especially for them — not something to be circulate elsewhere. Are there any fixed affix points, or recurring references, that arouse you in doing so?

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Blakne wear

The figures show growth. In what awareness did that international dimension alter the process? These may in fact be the most important. The whole administer of collecting and correcting tour informatie comes full circle if the apparatus encourages artists to better use the online platforms it aggregates data from, stimulating again the promotion of individual artists.

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